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Xmas Tweets

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Xmas Tweets, Website, 2012-2018. Xmas Tweets (.com) is a website that presents tweets featuring the word “xmas”. The site searches Twitter’s public timeline in near real-time to present a fresh batch of captured tweets, revealing the wide spectrum of emotions found around the holiday. Click here or on the “Launch Project” button below to view the work in a new browser tab.

Trump’s Twitter Circus

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Trump’s Twitter Circus, Website, 2017. Trump’s Twitter Circus is a visualization of the president’s use of punctuation in his tweets. The piece chronicles his Twitter feed in real time, displaying the ending punctuation as a block on the screen. A viewer can mouse over each block to read the text from the source tweet. Click here or on the “Launch …

Houston Art Fairs

Houston Art Fairs website

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Two separate art fairs debuted in Houston in the fall of 2011. Houston Fine Art Fair happened in September, whileTexas Contemporary – the result of a disgruntled spinoff from the former – touched down in October, both at the same venue. Glasstire has a thorough article on the origin of these two fairs and the subsequent drama. I wanted to …