Maul alt-art design for Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars Destiny Alt-Art: Maul

Design For Personal Fun

I started playing Star Wars: Destiny at the beginning of 2018. My son enjoys the game, and I needed a distraction from the politics of the day. There’s a community within the game that creates their own “alternate” art versions of the cards. Wanting to stretch my illustration game, I decided to tackle a redesign of the card art for …

Made Courageous header

Superhero Poster Illustration

Design For Personal Fun

I was commissioned by long-time friend to create a poster depicting his three young nephews as a superhero tandem. The resulting image was drawn entirely in Photoshop using a tablet and delivered to the client as a 24″ x 18″ print.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the comic book aesthetic I so readily embraced as a youth.

Daddy Camp Badges

Daddy Camp Badges

For Personal Fun

Hoping to keep my kids entertained during the week between the end of school and the kickoff of various summer camps, we came up various “badges” they could earn. I have started illustrating them in Photoshop and will eventually print them out as stickers. That way – as with scouting merit badges – my kids will have physical artifacts in recognition of their summer achievements. A selection of badges are …

PBS 2012 Primaries helmet designs

Political Bowl Season – 2012 Primaries: Designs, Stickers, and Bunting

Political Bowl Season

Political Bowl Season began with an idea to merge political parties and campaign races with the fanaticism and pageantry of american football. During the primaries of the 2012 presidential campaign, I developed helmet designs using the logos of each of the remaining candidates. Click on each thumbnail below for a larger view. Next, in wanting to turn these designs into a more tangible piece …

Houston Art Fairs

Houston Art Fairs website

Online Works

Two separate art fairs debuted in Houston in the fall of 2011. Houston Fine Art Fair happened in September, whileTexas Contemporary – the result of a disgruntled spinoff from the former – touched down in October, both at the same venue. Glasstire has a thorough article on the origin of these two fairs and the subsequent drama. I wanted to …