Transition of Power (From Hope to Highrise Demagogy)

Recent Work Sculpture

Wood and Acrylic Latex Paint, dimensions variable, 2008 and 2017. The two sculptures comprising Transition of Power (From Hope to Highrise Demagogy) are extruded favicons for political campaigns. A favicon (“favorite icon”) is a 16-pixel by 16-pixel logo that appears alongside the URL or inside the tab in most browsers.  Here, a block of wood represents each pixel of the favicon, …

Houston Art Fairs

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Two separate art fairs debuted in Houston in the fall of 2011. Houston Fine Art Fair happened in September, whileTexas Contemporary – the result of a disgruntled spinoff from the former – touched down in October, both at the same venue. Glasstire has a thorough article on the origin of these two fairs and the subsequent drama. I wanted to …