How She Lost

Recent Work Sculpture

Wood and Acrylic Latex Paint, dimensions variable, 2017. This piece, made up of three free-standing sculptures, is a visualization of the popular vote breakdown in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election. The height of each base is representative of the number of electoral votes of each state. The height of the smaller blue, red, and gray columns …

PBS 2012 General Election

PBS 2012: General Election Design Collateral

Design Political Bowl Season

Political Bowl Season began with an idea to merge political parties and campaign races with the fanaticism and pageantry of american football. During the primaries of the 2012 presidential campaign, I developed helmet designs using the logos of each of the remaining candidates. Click on each thumbnail below for a larger view.   Candidate stickers, each 4″ x 3″, handed out during the 2012 …