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Xmas Tweets

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Xmas Tweets, Website, 2012-2018. Xmas Tweets (.com) is a website that presents tweets featuring the word “xmas”. The site searches Twitter’s public timeline in near real-time to present a fresh batch of captured tweets, revealing the wide spectrum of emotions found around the holiday. Click here or on the “Launch Project” button below to view the work in a new browser tab.

Trump’s Twitter Circus

Online Works Recent Work

Trump’s Twitter Circus, Website, 2017. Trump’s Twitter Circus is a visualization of the president’s use of punctuation in his tweets. The piece chronicles his Twitter feed in real time, displaying the ending punctuation as a block on the screen. A viewer can mouse over each block to read the text from the source tweet. Click here or on the “Launch …

Always Loading screenshot

Always Loading

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Always Loading, Website, 2012. Click here or on the “Launch Project” button below to view the work in a new browser tab.  

Houston Art Fairs

Houston Art Fairs website

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Two separate art fairs debuted in Houston in the fall of 2011. Houston Fine Art Fair happened in September, whileTexas Contemporary – the result of a disgruntled spinoff from the former – touched down in October, both at the same venue. Glasstire has a thorough article on the origin of these two fairs and the subsequent drama. I wanted to …

Medals (After Stella) screenshot

Medals (After Stella)

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Medals (After Stella), Website, 2010/2012. Medals (After Stella) pulls its composition cues from Twitter, presenting a changing array of concentric squares in gold, silver, and bronze. The piece searches Twitter for recent tweets containing the words “olympics”, “medal”, and at least one of the three medal colors. New qualifying tweets appear in the outer-most ring and are subsequently pushed towards the …